March round up – 1/4 way through the challenge

Things got a little chilli in March and to spice things up we decided to introduce a forfeit scheme into our PDC run club. If you skipped a run you had to wear a chilli costume on your next run with us!

Its amazing to see the progress of the runners who are running at work with us. We are now running 5 mile runs with ease and improving our times! Massive congrats to all the PDC run club and thanks for making my challenge good fun!

So March was another good run with a lot of new milestones hit. I got my longest distance of 12 miles, my fastest 10k of 59.40s and my fastest 5k of 25.38s! A clear sign that my fitness is improving and I can cover the miles I need to to complete this challenge.

I’ve hit 211 miles so far, i’m you are thinking that if i’m 1/4 of the way through I am behind by about 40 miles! You would be right. Am I worried? Of course not! I’m now able to hit on average 23 miles a week which means I should be able to claw in that 40 miles by the half way point, and then its all downhill from there!

I’ve also bitten the bullet and signed up to some races!
– Oxford Half Marathon
– Blenhiem Palace Half Marathon
– Silverstone 10k
– Waddensdon Manor 5k
– Blenhiem Palace 7k (This is not confirmed yet)

Coming into April I am focused on just improving my long run distance to cover as many miles as possible. Speed while its fun to beat fastest times is not the key to completing this challenge and could result in burn out! So back to dropping it back and completing the distance!

March Stats

Distance covered: 211 miles
5k time: 25.38
10k time: 59.40
Longest run: 12 miles

Any contribution to this cause would be greatly appreciated! Every little helps.

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