Holidays, fundraisers and miles – Target: 16 miles

17 days have passed since my last post when I finished January on a high. So far February has carried on with that high. Our work run club is now running two times a week, I hit my first 7 mile run and this last week I completed 18 miles in a week.

I started off the week in Malta to have a nice relaxed holiday with my family!

I decided to complete my millage on the treadmill there, mainly because of the hills I would have had to run to complete my days. I don’t think i’m quite there with my fitness yet to complete the hills as well as complete the miles, so I opted to run further and use the treadmill. This also meant I could then have a swim, sauna and even try out the Turkish baths that came connected to the gym. Was a different experience than running around the park at lunch. However, as nice as it was I was happy to run again in the park when I came back.

It was also great to have a Valentines day fundraiser at work. Counting a jar of sweets and we raised £27 plus online donations of £30. So thank you to everyone at London office for their generous donations.

While I was off doing my running and my office was supporting me by running with me at lunch or setting up fundraisers, a massive thank you needs to go to Carla Pearce who set up an event to raise money at an event she was at at the weekend and raised a massive £37 for my cause. I can’t thank her enough for this and everyone who joined in and donated to her fundraiser.

I’ve also uncovered my main problem while running. I start off way to fast and this burns me out for the rest of the run. These coming weeks my goal is to stop this happening so I can run longer much easier than what i’m currently doing. This last week was getting to be a struggle, however hitting 18 miles was a bit achievement and 3 more miles than I have done previously, so can’t be to hard on myself.

I’ve also decided to run some races this year to help me along the way, here is a list of races that I am thinking of completing:

  • Run for Chocolate Milton Keynes 5k – March 3rd
  • The Wendover Woods Festival of Running 10k – Sunday, 10 March
  • Blenheim 7k – April
  • Rightmove MK Rocket 5K – May 5th
  • Wendover 5km run – 9th June
  • Steeple Barton Chase 5k – 16th June
  • BUCKS EPIC TRAIL 10k – Wendover Woods – September 15th
  • Blenheim Half – September 29th
  • Oxford Half – October
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