January round up

So this last week i’ve upped my game to try and finish January on a high. So i’m now writing this after finishing my first 10k run today! This is a massive achievement for me having struggled to run 1.5 miles at the start of the month and even hurting my knee in the first week! I now have massive confidence going into Feb!

So in a bid to help me through the year, my awesome colleagues at printed.com have set up to join me on a weekly fun run 5k around Regents Park and this was the first one this week. Was great fun and really helped to get another 3 miles under my belt without really thinking about it!

I’ve hit a lot of milestones this month. My standouts have to have been running 5k under 30 minutes with a time of 27:24 and then today actually making a 10k run as well. Couldn’t have done this without help and motivation from everyone around me!

Obviously this is all to raise awareness of Bronchiolitis and it was also amazing that we were featured on Mix96 to spread our story. Thank you to Becky for doing the interview. You can read the article here.

Chloe with Wes from Mix96

Happy to report that while Chloe is not yet fully recovered from her latest batch of Bronchiolitis she is a little better. So here is for a full recovery in February.

January Stats

Distance this month: 46.8 miles
5k time: 27:24
10 time: 1:08:22

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