I wasn’t going for times! Target: 9.5 miles

So another week passed and this week the focus was on getting some longer runs done. Firstly though I needed to find what music I ran best to. My work play list was good, but didn’t give me the tempo I needed to run at a constant pace. George put the ‘Pokemon’ theme on for me and I ran with that on repeat for 2 miles. Didn’t work for me.

Then I set out for a small 1.5 mile run with ‘Songs you sing to in the shower’ playlist playing in my ear. This was great, first mile covered with songs such as ‘Come on Irene’ and ‘Africa’. Then coming into the 2nd mile with ‘Don’t stop me now’ I wanted to carry on. Into the 3rd mile, coming round the final corner to ‘I am the one and only’ it felt like I had just won a race! Also managed to rack up my first 3 miles, in just over 30 mins. This was both good and bad!!

Now I was so close to a sub 30 min 5k that became my target. After a nice rest day on the Friday I set off to record my first full 5k after my disastrous first run of the year. 28 minutes later I completed it! Obviously the songs like ‘Blame it on the boogy’ helped me along!

What a great end to the week, 23 miles now complete and feeling fitter after just 3 weeks of running also hitting my target running 10 miles this week… onto next week where I want to complete more 5k runs and push for a 3.5 mile run on my long run day.

While my running is positive, Chloe is still struggling with her bronchiolitis. This just makes me more determined to complete this challenge. Any money you can spare for this great cause would be amazing!

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2 thoughts on “I wasn’t going for times! Target: 9.5 miles

  1. Racking up those miles!!
    Such a good effort on the 5k too – now’s the time to think like Forrest…
    Run, STEVE, RUN!

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