I do like a good spreadsheet – Target: 6 miles

So as the first week passed, the full realisation of what I had taken on started to come to the forefront. It seemed unattainable to me as I could run 5k but not much more yet – I had to average just under 20 miles a week to succeed in the mammoth task.

What do I always do in situations where I need answers? I made myself a spreadsheet! Giving myself a small manageable target each week on the build up to the big months. This way I am am not pushing my knee to much but gain stamina to complete longer runs. Putting the year into the spreadsheet makes each week manageable and gives me the confidence to complete the year.

This week i’ve been running small 1.5 mile runs every night and all is going well. I can feel my fitness increasing which is great. I’m building up in January to start running in my lunch break in February with one of my colleagues who is training for a marathon this year. Please checkout her sponsorship page.

The weekend went well, as well! I managed to put in a 2 mile run on the Saturday and finished off my week running for bacon with a quick 1 mile run. This meant I smashed this weeks target and ran 9.5 miles all together.

Amazingly I have hit £500 of sponsorship in just the first two weeks. A massive thank you for everyone has donated. If you would like to donate please click here.

Next week I will be upping my distance slightly per day to a target of 1.7 mile runs. Check back next week to see how I got on!

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