Making the decision – Target: 4 miles

Last year, at just 2 weeks old, my daughter Chloe was rushed into hospital by ambulance with Bronchiolitis. She was in for a week and both my wife, Becky, and I were so grateful for the amazing care and friendliness that came from Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.  Seeing Chloe in hospital was one of the hardest things I’ve been through as a parent and, it was then, I decided that I wanted to do what I could to aid the research into lung conditions and also help spread awareness so other parents look out for the symptoms earlier.

Chloe in hospital at 2 weeks old

With both mine and Becky’s Dad also suffering from lung conditions, I felt that supporting the British Lung Foundation was the obvious choice. I also wanted to give back to Stoke Mandeville, therefore choosing the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust.

Coming up with a challenge to raise money was more of a task. I knew I wanted to do something big, something that would take me time to complete, so I could dedicate time to and have a sense of accomplishment for myself as well as (hopefully!) raise lots of money for these great causes. So, while sitting on the sofa eating a Pizza Hut large pizza I asked my son George what I should do for charity. While I liked his answer of ‘look for monsters’ I didn’t think that on its own would give me the sense of accomplishment that I was after. So, I decided to run 1000 miles in a year. This also made George happy as he thinks I can look for monsters while I’m running!

My first week

Having not run properly in over 6 years this was always going to be the challenge I wanted. So, New Year’s Day came and after our Chinese and wine I decided to head out for my first run of the year. I ran a 5k in 32 minutes and I was quite happy – I ached a little but was pretty happy with how it went!

Then, disaster happened… Probably from being a bit weak from the 5k run the night before I twisted my knee doing something totally not related to running. I was side-lined for days. Not the best start to the challenge! I also have a confession to make… While the title of this post says the target was 4 miles, it didn’t start out as 4 miles. Once I realised I was out of action for a few days I was back to my spreadsheet to adjust what I need to do each week and everything was back on track. It did mean I wasn’t able to do my first park run (sorry Laura!) but hoping to complete one as soon as my leg is a bit better.

It also didn’t help that Chloe (and George!) have been poorly again. Chloe was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis (for the 3rd time in her 5 month life) and was rushed in to hospital, by ambulance, on Friday. Fortunately, we managed to spot the signs early enough and was able to be treated in A & E, rather than being admitted. Again, Stoke Mandeville were absolutely amazing. A special mention must be made for the incredible ambulance service. Becky had called 111 and was told that an ambulance would be coming but there might be a bit of a wait as they are sent in order of medical urgency. 5 minutes later, the paramedics were there. Within 45 minutes of calling 111, they were at the hospital.

Now I bet your thinking that I changed the target to 4 miles but I only completed 3.1 miles for my 5k at the start of the week. I also managed to get a 0.2 mile run in to test my knee out. Had to stop so was back to resting, but today (Sunday) I manged to get a 0.7 mile run in and my knee felt good.

Next week my target is 6 miles and I’m going to break them down into 1 mile runs just to build my fitness up gradually and not do too much damage to my leg!

Any contribution to this cause would be greatly appreciated! Every little helps.

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